Jen (ohnoohyea) wrote,

if i could ever get over this head cold/ allergies/ whatever it is...i am going to start working out again. i feel tired and weak all of the time!!
i have been on a diet. not a "lose weight diet" but an over all health diet. and i am drinking a lot more water. I wouldnt mind losing weight too, but right now i need to get my health in order (and my emotions! haha) and then i will work on a strict gym routine. i have cut out all boxed (heavily processed) foods, alcohol, and sodas... i have increased my water consumption by like 4! i feel like i need a major cleanse and then things will beback on track. we shall see. my brother is gettin gmarried in 18 days and i want to feel and look my best for it!

also, my boss is disgusting. there are 2 indian girls who are also employed who invite him over for breakfsat and dinner and let him give them massages. anyways, it is completely unfair treatment that they get and we dont get becasue we dont have sex with him...or whatever! its disgusting. he is 65 years old with a wife and a 7 year old! (and other young children too)

so i have basically 15 days of hardcore self control and we'll see where that takes me.
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