Jen (ohnoohyea) wrote,


i felt young today when the movie theater employee carded me for a rated R movie and when i got carded for my bellini. but then i got depressed because i am almost 22. being old is dumb!
however, age 22 is going to be my best age yet. i will start grad school next summer hopefully. i will probably move out (finally) and things will just be different in a good way.
i have been feeling insecure lately. i hope its just a feeling that is silly and will pass. or i wonder if there is something ishould worry about.
I have been looking for land to buy a house on. That's exciting.
Eileen is the best friend i could ask for. She has come home for the past 4 years for my birthday. i lub her.
Death at a funeral is funny.
I still want to see superbad.
I never updae this because i always write my post and i think they are dumb. this one was dumb as well but i can't sleep so i will post it anyways.
Hope everyone is doing wonderful
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